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Supporting the community of St. Mary’s Monastery makes you a partner in our work for God and for the world.
We greatly appreciate any amount you can give!
All information you provide is encrypted and secure.

A Mass offering is not a purchase or payment for a Mass. It is a free-will donation for the support of our community. The offering may be any amount. The standard is $10.

We reserve the right to decline a Mass request if we deem the intention inappropriate, or if the amount of Masses requested is too many for us to handle. We cannot guarantee a Mass will be said on or by a certain day.

A donation for a guesthouse stay does not go to St. Mary's Monastery but to the twin community fund which maintains our guesthouse and church.

Donate by Paypal

Please specify what the donation is for within Paypal (General Support, Mass Offerings or A Guesthouse Stay).

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Donate by Credit Card

Credit cards

To donate by check, make it out to St. Mary's Monastery and mail to:
St. Mary's Monastery
P. O. Box 345
Petersham, MA 01366
Attention: Donations

We only accept checks in U.S. dollars. We accept checks from Canada only if it is a bank cheque explicitly payable in U.S. dollars.

Donations to St. Mary's are tax-deductible.