Date for our next monastic experience weekend:
Sometime in 2021? (depending on Coronavirus situation)

Monastic Experience Weekend

If you're serious about God, what does He want you to do next? Listen. Listen and act. Why not try listening and acting in a monastery? Job shadow a monk for a weekend.

For single Catholic men aged 18 - 40, an opportunity to discover what a monastic vocation is like by living in the monastery for three days.

Prayer, work, community life. A balanced and rhythmical contemplative Benedictine monastic life with a 1600 year history. The Benedictine Rule, ora et labora, work and prayer - backhoe provided!

Serious liturgy (Gregorian chant); serious work (intellectual and manual); good humored people (monks; well, that's the theory!)

For more information please contact Fr. Gregory at or 978–724–3350.